Web Terminal


SigBanc LTD & its sister Company Argus High Tech has planned, structured a unique platform to serve this purpose. The platform has been designed to make clients have a clear vision and to make a better decision. Through the designing and coding process, we have eliminated the psychological factor that effects client’s decision. So basically it differs from Forex because it takes away control from client once a trade is initiated. And that is a big factor that effects the trading behavior.

Trading has become super easy now, we have made it very simple, and you can access this terminal from any laptop or tablet. You can check up on your trades, equity and market anytime you desire.

Therefore, we have created a proprietary trading terminal to ease the process of trading.


Advanced Charts

SQT uses the most advanced charts in the market (TradingView Charts), the trader will have the ability to zoom-in, zoom-out and select different types of charts and even make analysis.

Integrated Strategy

Everything is automated, all you need to do is to trade, you do not need to set a take profit or a stop loss. All you need to do is to trade, you either buy or sell and the terminal will implement the strategy.

Social Trading Exposure

It is very important to see what other traders are doing and where the market is going, this will give you a better view on what other traders are doing. You can always use an extra info in trading.


We always put security of our terminals and business on the top of our priority list, therefore, this trading platform is super secured and you do not worry about anything.