Sequence Trading is a new way of trading; it enables trades to trade using the minimum possible risk against the highest ratio of profits.
No, Sequence Trading is neither like or as Binary Option, it’s pure forex with different back-end structure.
In Sequence Trading, the maximum risk you have is only $3, while in Forex, your risk can kill your entire equity.
It is safer when it comes to probability, for example, if you deposited $100 in Sequence Trading, you get to trade 33 times, while in forex, your equity can be killed in 1 or 2 or 5 trades, depends on many factors, and the same thing for Binary Option.
Yes, you can make up to 10% off of each deposit you bring.


No, there is no timeframe, Sequence Trading depends on certain pips, not timeframes.
Yes, you can stop and withdraw your funds anytime you desire.
Minimum deposit size is $9
Minimum to trade is $3
Maximum to trade is $3
No, not at the moment, but you can open more than one trade at the same time.
No, you will only get a refund if you failed after the 4th trade.