About SQT



The Sequence Trading is a new product of SigBanc LTD. This product has a very unique trading strategy that enables traders to make high profits through minimum investment. SigBanc has been always looking after clients’ interests, therefore, we have created this product.

When it comes to Sequence Trading you should not be fearing online trading anymore, because now you know what your risk is and your profits is always much bigger than your risk. Think about it from a probability perspective. Through this type of trading your risk is always and only ($3) but your profit will be much higher.

Comparing Sequence Trading to other trading businesses like forex, binary options, stocks and shares etc. you would see how big of a difference this is. You will not have a drawdown and your account will never suffer a higher percentage of losing it entirely.



Why to trade SQT instead of Forex.

This product was designed by professionals to make high profits with minimum risk. We have created this product to ensure that clients are getting true value and a high potential of profits on their investments. For example


if you deposited $500, you could easily lose it if market moved against you or a high leverage can kill your $500 in an hour or in a day or a week. It depends on how you trade your account; the risk is too high.

While on Sequence Trading

You have around 166 times to trade and to make profits. And if you lost after the 4th sequenced trade, you get your $3 back into your account and then start over.

Comparison Sequence Trading Forex
Execution Fast Depends on Broker
Drawdown NO (Limited to $3) YES (Unlimited Risk)
Risk $3 Depends on price direction
Reward Can reach $50,000 on $3 Can’t reach $50,000 on $3
Reimbursement Refund if lost after 4th trade NO
Trending Market Risk is only $3 Risk is high, it could liquidate account
Fluctuating Market Risk is only $3 Risk is high, it could liquidate account
Closing Trades Can’t close an open Trade Can close a winning or losing Trade
Withdrawal Can withdraw anytime Can withdraw anytime
Deposit Easy to deposit Easy to deposit